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Jay S. Willis

Jay S. Willis is a Fantasy author.  

“My goal as an author is to create an engaging and fun body of work to sustain a generation through their life as readers of Fantasy: from intelligent chapter books to sprawling epics.”

The first four books in an All-New Epic Fantasy series, The Sphere Saga, are all available for sale on Amazon now!

Three thousand years of tradition torn asunder. When the truth comes out, will a hero emerge to pick up the pieces?

Dashira Eisenheart takes ultimate comfort in her community. So she’s thrilled when her brother ascends to the coveted order chosen to protect the world from safely sealed-away, millennia-old, dangerous magic. But her faith in her beloved parents’ loyalty cracks after she spies her mother sneaking about town to meet with the enemy.

Striving to stay focused on her own academic studies, Dashira becomes caught in family tensions that soon reach a boiling point. And as her father’s Brotherhood and her mother’s rebel group head toward a cataclysmic clash, the young seeker finds herself trapped by conflicting choices.

Will she face her fears and accept her role in a grand destiny?

Dream of the Sphere is the intricate first entry in the expansive The Sphere Saga epic fantasy series. If you like gargantuan conflicts, jaw-dropping twists, and deep explorations of humanity’s beliefs, you’ll love Jay S. Willis’s hard-hitting tale. Buy Dream of the Sphere to wake a giant today!

Thousands of years ago, magic ruled their land. When the mightiest among them rise up, will they bring peace… or rain down destruction?

Axamar Sulvastra discovered his powers on the day his brother died. Instead of saving a life, his accidental outburst robbed him of something truly precious. And now he fears the Red Rage pumping through his veins could either free the world or send it to its doom.

Working hard to control his abilities at the Academy of Arcane Studies, Axamar quickly bonds with two other gifted and potent mages. But as jealousies erupt and unchecked power festers, their irreparable discord could cost them everything when a devastating plague threatens to ravage the planet.

Can Axamar unite The Three to repair the realm before all life is obliterated?

Set three millennia before the events of book one, Dawn of the Sphere is the second book in the immersive The Sphere Saga epic fantasy series. If you like complex interpersonal intrigue, powerful backstories, and blockbuster battles, you’ll love Jay S. Willis’s mind-blowing origin story.

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The lines have been drawn. The battle for the realm has begun. Can this young woman become the leader who can stop the spread of evil?

Dashira Eisenheart never planned to head a rebellion. But when three millennia of magic suppression end to unleash devastating forces upon the world, she launches into a fight for her people. And every day the war over the Sphere-Blessed continues to rage, the closer her homeland edges toward utter annihilation.

Struggling to control her own abilities and teaming up with the all-powerful Three, Dashira hunts for magical artifacts to swing the conflict in their favor. But a dangerous trek reveals shocking secrets about the nature of reality that could tear apart the very fabric of time.

Can this rebel warrior save the future before the present is ground to dust?

War of the Sphere is the thrilling conclusion to the groundbreaking The Sphere Saga epic fantasy series. If you like deep worlds, intricate characters, and vivid depictions of all-out combat, then you’ll love Jay S. Willis’s mind-altering story.

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With the brutal conflict finally over, their magical skills have been restored. But can they survive a full-scale battle for the future? 

Arstal Axamar hopes for a new dawn of peace. With the war ended, the decorated veteran travels the land to survey the havoc caused by the ending of eons of magic suppression. But he’s horrified to discover that nature itself has been warped, releasing terrifying creatures of legend and allowing the return of a demented ancient enemy. 

Motivated by the fear of losing everything they’ve worked for, Arstal tries to free a trapped ancestor who could be the key to victory. But with his allies bracing for a devastating invasion without the protection of the Sphere, his realm may be racing toward oblivion. 

Can this brave soldier win the fight to save his people from extinction? 

Order of the Sphere is the exhilarating fourth book in the epic fantasy The Sphere Saga. If you like loyal leaders, detailed worlds, and tales of bravery above all else, then you’ll love Jay S. Willis’s titanic adventure. 

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Blood is Thicker than Magic is the page-turning first book in The Arcana Chronicles teen urban fantasy series. If you like everyday heroes, unexpected destiny, and coming-of-age adventures, then you’ll love Jay S. Willis’s riveting tale.

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The first three books in Jay’s The Adventures of Blacktooth the Pirate are available on Amazon now in both ebook and paperback!

Jay has three articles published on Dan Koboldt’s Science in Sci-Fi and Fact in Fantasy website which will appear in an Anthology publishing in 2022: A Brief History of Real World Magic, World-building with The Spanish Inquisition, and Prophets, Preacher, and Parasites in Fantasy.

From an early age, Jay was fascinated by story-telling and wrote his first books in grade school by hand using typing paper packets stapled together for him by his mother.  An avid Dungeons & Dragons role-player, growing up in the 80’s obsessed with Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jay’s reading and writing interests have always skewed toward the fantasy and science-fiction genres.

Jay S. Willis is a graduate of Capital University, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science there.  He also graduated Capital University Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor.  Jay S. Willis, is a former judge of a family court in southern Ohio, has been a licensed attorney for more than 25 years.

When not writing, Jay loves playing tabletop board games and watching movies with his family.

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A little known fact:  Jay S. Willis is a proud protector of The Holy Grail, having been given the Grail by King Arthur himself in Monty Python’s Spamalot.

Jay S. Willis and the Holy Grail
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