Blacktooth and The Great Pirate Challenge

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Pirate life may be perilous, but it’s probably different than you’d think. Blacktooth is a friendly pirate. He enjoys reading, eating, and searching for treasure with his crew. The Adventures of Blacktooth the Pirate recounts what it’s really like to be a pirate.

Blacktooth’s high-seas adventures are fun for kids of all ages and reading doesn’t have to be like walking the plank.

In his most exciting adventure yet, Blacktooth and his crew compete for the Pirate of the Year title in a crazy contest full of misadventures with Dog Breath Dirk cheating and trying to sink the Crusty Claw.

Will Blacktooth become Pirate of the Year? Why does Funalota Island have three queens? How many shrimp can one pirate eat?