Blacktooth and the Legend of Skull Mountain


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Pirate life may be perilous, but it’s probably different than you’d think. Blacktooth is a friendly pirate. He enjoys reading, eating, and searching for treasure with his crew. The Adventures of Blacktooth the Pirate recounts what it’s really like to be a pirate. 

Our friendly pirate captain gains a treasure map marking the location of the fabled treasure of Skull Mountain. After Blacktooth visits his favorite library to research the legend, he and the crew of the Crusty Claw discover Skull Mountain, but the treasure has a dangerous guardian and won’t be easy to plunder. 

Can you guess what perils await Blacktooth the Pirate on Skull Mountain?  

Blacktooth’s high-seas adventures are fun for kids of all ages and reading doesn’t have to be like walking the plank.