Blacktooth the Pirate

Blacktooth The Pirate

Jay S. Willis created The Adventures of Blacktooth the Pirate to entertain his children. The nightly tradition of reading a story for bedtime inspired Jay to write bedtime stories for his children based upon a fun, relatable character that broke the mold of the stereotypical pirate tale.

Blacktooth the Pirate isn’t like the other pirates, and some of the other pirates never let him forget it. Blacktooth remains true to himself and his dreams: he’s a pirate because he always wanted to be a pirate. Blacktooth discovers that sometimes that means standing up for what he thinks is right, even if it’s not popular among the other pirates.

Jay has penned the first two complete books of the The Adventures of Blacktooth the Pirate and many more tales continue floating around his head percolating until they can one day bubble to the surface.

Blacktooth's Treasure Chest

Blacktooth and the Legend of Skull Mountain