Blacktooth’s Treasure Chest

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Pirate life may be perilous, but it’s probably different than you’d think. Blacktooth is a friendly pirate. He enjoys reading, eating, and searching for treasure with his crew. The Adventures of Blacktooth the Pirate recounts what it’s really like to be a pirate. 

Blacktooth’s high-seas adventures are fun for kids of all ages and reading doesn’t have to be like walking the plank.  

In Blacktooth’s Treasure Chest, his nemesis Dog Breath Dirk is mad because he lost The Great Pirate Challenge, so he sinks Blacktooth’s ship and maroons him alone on a desert island.  

Can you guess how Blacktooth earned his Pirate Name? What valuables does he keep locked away in his treasure chest? Will Blacktooth escape when Dog Breath Dirk returns to finish him off and steal his treasure?