Blacktooth’s Treasure Chest

Blacktooth's Treasure Chest


Blacktooth’s Treasure Chest is a tale about a young man’s journey to earn his pirate name from the infamous Sea Hag of Broken Skull Island.

Blacktooth is not your typical pirate. Bart Baker has a deal with an old pirate ready to retire: Old Peg Leg Morgan will sell Bart his ship, The Crusty Claw, but only after Bart can earn his pirate name.

Bart journeys to Broken Skull Island to seek the treasure of the infamous Sea Hag. Legends say the Sea Hag possesses eerie magical powers and nobody leaves Broken Skull Island without suffering a horrible curse.

Bart Baker loves books, an unusual trait for a man wanting to become a pirate. Bart isn’t your typical pirate-in-training. He confronts the Sea Hag of Broken Skull Island and uses his sharp mind to best her in a game of wits; Blacktooth Bart leaves Broken Skull Island, having made a friend of the Sea Hag, earned some magical treasure, and best of all, earning his pirate name at last.