Blood is Thicker than Magic

Blood is Thicker than Magic, an Upper Middle-Grade novel, was originally titled Pendulum Arcanum After several revisions, the name was changed to Blood is Thicker than Magic. Jay describes the book as Warehouse 13 meets The Mummy.

Turning 13 is hard and gaining powers to infuse things with magic is the coolest thing in the world, until your best friend becomes afraid of you when you discover you can change people into monsters and a Nazi Necromancer starts stalking you.

Daniel Waldera believes Death has stalked him since Kindergarten. While marching in band, the Death-like apparition manifests in the crowd taunting him directly for the first time.

Later that night, while playing in the woods, Daniel is attacked by the swirling shadow creature. He dispatches the monster by unexpectedly infusing a flashlight with magic forging a real-life lightsaber.

Daniel learns magic is all too real. He soon discovers both sides of his magical heritage from the diametrically opposed sides of his family and finds himself squarely in the middle of an age-old feud between the Kinneys and Walderas. The Kinneys are Reliquests, capable of nullifying magic and transforming people into magic-devouring wraith-like servants, and the Walderas are Infusers, able to charge everyday objects with magic creating wondrous artifacts.

Given the fact Daniel has exhibited both Infuser and Reliquests powers, Daniel’s father and grandpa both question whether the legend of the Pendulum Arcanum has come to fruition. The arrival of the Pendulum Arcanum, a person sharing both Infuser and Reliquest powers, is believed to herald the end of the conflict between Infuser and Reliquest and the ultimate fate of magic in the world. If true, Daniel is faced with the perilous weight upon his shoulders of choosing between his father and grandfather, Infuser and Reliquest.

Further complicating Daniel’s already confusing life, Hans Gruberman, a Nazi Reliquest, who was a nemesis of both Daniel’s grandfathers during World War II, begins stalking Daniel. Gruberman and his daughter seek to force Daniel to act as the mythical Pendulum Arcanum to end the historic struggle in favor of the Reliquests by threatening Daniel’s friends and family.

Learning magic is all too real overwhelms Daniel, but the prospect of losing his best friend Rina because she’s scared of his powers terrifies him more than anything.