Dream of the Sphere


Dream of the Sphere by Jay S. Willis


Three millennia ago, the three most powerful mages of the time led warring factions in a cataclysmic battle that destroyed most of the world.  The Conflagration, as it became known, forced the survivors to join together in order to rebuild civilization.

The Brotherhood of the Sphere was founded to govern and direct a global renaissance.  United in their hatred of The Three, as the leaders of the warring factions were labeled upon their capture, the Brotherhood vowed to rid the world of magic to prevent another Conflagration from ever occurring again.  To that end, the grand city of Kaharna was founded, with the massive Golden Sphere at its heart.

The mystical Sphere was constructed utilizing magic for the last time as a gargantuan artifact with the sole purpose of absorbing magic, converting and storing it into energy to sustain the world’s population through the reconstruction of civilization.

Dream of the Sphere is the first volume of the Sphere Saga.  Dream of the Sphere is a character-driven epic fantasy that tells the story of the descendants of the survivors of the Conflagration in a new world bereft of magic, or so they think.

The Brotherhood of the Sphere has become a theocracy that has shaped and controlled culture, religion, technology, science, and everyday life for over three thousand years. Over the centuries, the Brotherhood has been forced to develop new methods to maintain the Sphere and to contain magic preventing its re-emergence.

As a result, of the deprivation of magic, the world itself has begun to suffer global climate upheaval.  The leadership of the Brotherhood persists in a struggle of man versus magic and soon the entire world will learn that magic cannot be contained and controlled forever.

Sixteen years old at the time of her brother’s Ascension to become Sphere-blessed, Dashira Eisenheart is trapped in the middle of a heated feud between her mother, Morlas, and her father, Hansha. A devout worshipper of the Sphere-blessed, Dashira suffers a brutal internal conflict between faith and reason; her mother is a spy for the Covenant, a revolutionary group plotting to destroy the Sphere and free the Sphere-blessed, and her father, becomes the leader of The Brotherhood, the bastion of the established order.

Dashira is further thrust into the middle of ancient family hostilities when she befriends three descendants of The Three, each of whom bear the weight of their heritage, faced with the specter of family legends that their ancient ancestors will one day return to rule the world. Dashira falls in love with one of her new friends and finds her first love anything but simple bliss. All the while, Dashira stands at the nexus of myriad conflicts clashing in upon one another; law and the chaos of revolution, faith and reason, and family loyalty all hurtle headlong toward an epic confrontation that will determine the fate of the world.


Jay S. Willis is currently in the process of revising and editing Dream of the Sphere and he hopes to begin seeking a publisher for The Sphere Saga in the coming months.