The Sphere Saga

The Sphere Saga by Jay S. Willis
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The Sphere Saga is an epic fantasy series spanning three millennia, exploring the ramifications of a society’s failed attempt to rid their world of magic.

Three millennia ago, the three most powerful mages of the time led warring factions in a cataclysmic battle which destroyed most of the world.  The Conflagration, as it became known, forced the survivors to join together in order to rebuild civilization.

The Brotherhood of the Sphere was founded to govern and direct a global renaissance.  United in their hatred of The Three, as the leaders of the warring factions were labeled upon their capture, the Brotherhood vowed to rid the world of magic to prevent another Conflagration from ever occurring again.  To that end, the grand city of Kaharna was founded, with the massive Golden Sphere at its heart.

The mystical Sphere was constructed utilizing magic for the last time as a gargantuan artifact, the sole purpose of absorbing magic, converting, and storing it as energy to sustain the world’s population through the reconstruction of civilization.

Dream of the Sphere by Jay S. Willis

Dream of the Sphere is the first Volume of the Sphere Saga.  The entire Sphere Saga remains in revision status for the foreseeable future. However, Jay S. Willis will resume work on the entire Sphere Saga when the time is right to do so. Dream of the Sphere is undergoing one final editing pass before Jay explores self-publication options.

Dawn of the Sphere by Jay S. Willis

Dawn of the Sphere, the second volume of the Sphere Saga is outlined and the first draft of the manuscript is approximately 60% complete.

Dawn of the Sphere steps back in time before the events of Dream of the Sphere and explores the lives of The Three and the events which led to the Conflagration and the construction of the Sphere.

War of the Sphere by Jay S. WillisWar of the Sphere is the third volume of the Sphere Saga.  The complete first draft of this book is now complete!

War of the Sphere is the direct sequel to Dream of the Sphere.  It will chronicle the conclusion of the ultimate battle between man and magic.