Dawn of the Sphere – The Sphere Saga: Book Two

Dawn of the Sphere – The Sphere Saga: Book Two


Thousands of years ago, magic ruled their land. When the mightiest among them rise up, will they bring peace… or rain down destruction? 

Axamar Sulvastra discovered his powers on the day his brother died. Instead of saving a life, his accidental outburst robbed him of something truly precious. And now he fears the Red Rage pumping through his veins could either free the world or send it to its doom.   

Working hard to control his abilities at the Academy of Arcane Studies, Axamar quickly bonds with two other gifted and potent mages. But as jealousies erupt and unchecked power festers, their irreparable discord could cost them everything when a devastating plague threatens to ravage the planet. 

Can Axamar unite The Three to repair the realm before all life is obliterated? 

Set three millennia before the events of book one, Dawn of the Sphere is the second book in the immersive The Sphere Saga epic fantasy series. If you like complex interpersonal intrigue, powerful backstories, and blockbuster battles, you’ll love Jay S. Willis’s mind-blowing origin story. 

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