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Below are links to Cool Stuff I use on a regular basis, and just enjoy browsing from time to time, along with anything else noteworthy:

Indie Fantasy:

Authors:  Below is a list of some of my favorite authors, in no particular order, with links to their information online.

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Writing Advice/Tools:  Various writing tools and resources I use on a regular basis and find useful:

Just Plain Cool: Resources and things I enjoy that would be a sin not to share:


Brandon Sanderson Book Signing

Jay S. Willis at Brandon Sanderson Book Signing for A Memory of Light with Brandon Sanderson and Harriet MacDougal in January 2013.

Jay S. Willis and Patrick Rothfuss

Jay S. Willis with Patrick Rothfuss at Origins Gaming Con in Columbus, Ohio.

Greatest Gaming Table

Jay S. Willis gaming in one of his favorite places to spend time.