The Heart of Magic On Sale Now!

The Heart of Magic On Sale Now!


The Heart of Magic: A Coming of Age Historical Fantasy Novel. This is Book Two of The Arcana Chronicles. I’m proud to unleash this book on the world. Paperback and Hardback are both available now. Ebook is available for pre-order and will be released October 17th.

When a should-be nemesis becomes his brother-in-arms, will this powerful magic-user lead his team to triumph or succumb to a knife in the back?

World War II. Aaron Kinney is eager to do his duty. Focused on learning from his assigned mentor, the young soldier is shocked to hear his bunkmate is a member of a rival magical faction. But he’s willing to set aside their traditional feud in exchange for help tracking down a Nazi necromancer spreading rot across America’s heartland.

Digging into the world of formidable mystical artifacts, Aaron and his clever companions try to snare the German mastermind before he can construct a dangerous device. And though they celebrate every small victory, their enemy’s dark powers seem to keep him perpetually one step ahead of the plucky group.

Will old jealousies ruin their only chance at defeating an army of the undead?

The Heart of Magic is the action-packed second book in The Arcana Chronicles middle grade/teen urban fantasy series. If you like determined heroes, exciting spy stories, and worlds full of wonder, then you’ll love Jay S. Willis’s alternate history.

Buy The Heart of Magic to put the corpses back in the grave this Fall!