Writing Mastery with David Farland

Writing Mastery with David Farland

For Christmas 2014 I enrolled in David Farland’s Writing Mastery class.  The class is online, with ten assignments designed to be accomplished at your own pace.  One of the greatest benefits is the online meeting with David Farland.  Dave holds live video chat conferences, usually three to four times per week, depending upon his schedule.  He answers typed chat questions live at each meeting.  His insights on the publishing industry and writing are inciteful and invaluable.

I’ve completed the first four of ten assignments thus far.  With each assignment Dave has personally reviewed and edited my work, offering extensive feedback.  I’m proud to say that Dave has been very encouraging and positive in his critiques so far:

Assignment on Setting-“Excellent job on this.  …Honestly, I get the feeling that you’re layering the details in pretty well.”

Assignment on Characterization- “Okay, this is very nice.  Excellent job!”

Assignment on Dialog- “You did a good job on this.”

Dave’s instruction and feedback has helped me improve my writing already.  I really want to finish the other assignments, but I’ve been inspired over the last month since I started the class, and I’ve been spending all my writing time on revision on Volume One of the Sphere Saga.

Anybody looking to improve their fiction writing skills would greatly benefit David Farland’s tutelage.  I highly recommend it.  Information on Dave’s classes can be found at www.mystorydoctor.com.